Cougar Chemical Company

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About Us

What Cougar Does 

Cougar is a manufacturer and direct supplier of specialty chemicals including optical brighteners, FAS, polymers, defoamers, microbiocides, cleaners, lubricants, and specialty products for various industries.


Industries Served

Cougar serves the following industries:                                            

Pulp and Paper


Oil Field and Refinery                                                  

Boiler and Cooling Water


Municipal Water Treatment

Mineral Processing

Chemical Mining

Food Processing





Mission Statement

Cougar Chemical Company (CCC) is a manufacturer and distributor of quality industrial chemicals.  It is the mission of CCC to meet or exceed its customer’s expectations with regards to product quality, service, and distribution.  CCC will accomplish this mission by providing their employees with the necessary resources and training to perform their job responsibilities.


Cougar Chemical Company
P.O. Box 1250
Okemos, Michigan 48805

Phone: 517-655-6019
Fax: 517-655-6019





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