Cougar Chemical Company

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Product Lines



Pulp and Paper

Cougar carries retention aids, drainages aids, biocides, defoamers, crepe aids, stickies control, felt cleaners, wire cleaners, release oils, wet strength resins, dry strength resins, optical brightening agents, grease resistants and a avriety of other specialty paper and tissue enhancing products.

Cougar now carries FAS for bleaching and provides technical support.



Boiler and Cooling Water

Cougar carries a variety of products used in boiler and cooling water, and closed loop systems.  Whether you need corrosion ihnibitors, biocides, oxygen scavengers, boiler water treatment, scale inhibitors, cleaners, or a variety of other treatments Cougar has it all.   





Cougar carries polymers, defoamers, and cleaners used to treat and de-water sludge from livestock at dairy, cattle, and pig farms.  Cougars products help to de-water sludge, eliminate or reduce odor, and remove phophate and other impurities that may negatively effect the environment.                                



Water Treatment

Cougar carries cationic, anionic, and non-ionic polyacrylamide emulsions, dispersions, dry polymers, liquid polyamines, polyamides and mannichs.



Automotive and Machining

Cougar carries water and oil based products for a number of applications in the automotive and machining industries. Our products are employed in stamping / pressing operations, pressure releasing applications, grinding and rolling systems and coolant systems.  Cougar also carries lubricants that are designed to withstand extreme pressures and temperatures. These features allow for extended tool wear before die replacement. Many of the lubricants are recyclable, thus maintaining their wear properties.



Oil Field

For oil field treatment, Cougar carries products for the down-hole oil drilling applications:              

products for elimination and reduction hydrogen sulfide

water dispersion polymers for drilling applications

micobiocides for bacteria control




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